Summers In Kentucky
Lyrics Wheeler Walker Jr.

Written by: Ben Hoffman

Sneakin' out of my house I was just sixteen
Met you in the dark down by the creek
We'd mess around until we got cold feet
Summers in Kentucky, they were hard to beat

Twenty five years later our lives have changed
Meeting girls on the road who are half my age
Sometimes I think about the creek when I'm on stage
Summers in Kentucky, man I miss that place

Used to press your pussy up against my mouth
Now you've had a couple kids and it's all stretched out
But I'm starting to think we could figure it out
Summers in Kentucky, wanna be back now

If you ever feel like ditchin' your man
Grab your kids, hit the road with a country band
There's room for all y'all inside of my van
We could start our lives all over again

Heard you gained a few, got saggy tits
But who am I to say cause I've aged liked sh*t?
That's why I think we'd be the perfect fit
Summers in Kentucky, man I sure miss it

I'd give up all the pussy and the young shaved muff
Bring your flabby ass back that would be enough
You and I both lookin' pretty rough
Since those summers in Kentucky, man I miss that stuff