Lyrics Waxahatchee

Written by: Katie Crutchfield

Produced by: Kyle Gilbride, Keith Spencer, Katie Crutchfield

It fogged up again
My spotless exit
So we walk two-by-two
With tedious intent
And when I am gone
At least I won't be thinking

And I left you out like a carton of milk
You were quick to query me
But I wanted you still
To relay something warm
To break off a good piece
But you won't be, you won't be

When you are patiently giving me
Every answer as I roam free

It fogged up again
My liar's remorse
So we stand hand-in-hand
And idle in our course
When we are moving, we just pretend
To be strangers lamenting a means to an end

And you are patiently giving me
Everything that I will never need


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