Lyrics Volcano Choir

On the Rio
Rode the sparrow
Drank the marrow
Spade the clerics
I spent all day Saturday toasted
Roasting in your room

Fall flight
Skin tight
Unhinged and it sizzled

Call backs
To the almanac
Tall branches, admissions

Slow lofty riser
Slow down baby it'll come
You're going for a home run

You can't left with that
Well you wreck and then you run

Do a care

All night
It's on, right
So fresh, that it sizzles

Ball cap
So dim, it's a riddle

Small life
It's on wax
The bar is cracked as it wasn't enough

Slow lofty riser
Slow down baby it'll come
Going for a home run

Slow lofty riser
Well now, slow down baby it'll come, yeah
Showing for a soft clem...

Shed skin
For kin
We'll all be alive when
When all of this is over
When all of us are sober

Shed skin
With kin
I could lead you over
I'll see you in the clover, darling

I'll be
Dancing on your footsteps
Out near the beach houses
Out in all the coke houses

Shed skin
Like a master
And the pastor
Is coming down to the ground


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