Scarlett & Me
Lyrics Vincent Poag

Written by: Vincent Poag

Produced by: Vincent Poag

One day I'm walking down fifth avenue
Humming a song, enjoying the view
Someone texting nearly bowls me down
Packages strewn all around
I helped her pick them up
It started pouring luck
We ran for shelter and suddenly

There was Scarlett
And me

Thought I was dreaming, she smiled innocently
Offering her apology
Since opportunity often knocks just once
I told her she could buy me lunch
There simply hasn't been a girl with charms
Like Marilyn's sensitive sensuality

And then there was Scarlett
And me

And in a quaint cafe
We talked as music played
She beguiled my heart away
And time stood still
Our thoughts flowed seamlessly
I kid her teasingly
The laughs came easily
Fragile femininity

Fireworks much to my surprise
When we caught each other's eyes
The story's ending you will have to guess
Imagination, man's best friend
She'll go down in history
I composed this melody where we will live forever happily

Oh Scarlett
And me

And me