Pretend U Are Free
Lyrics Vertical Scratchers

Written by: John Schmersal

Produced by: John Schmersal

You know I lived on the land
Before I floated on air
Until it swept me to sea
It wasn't really my intention
But that's all behind me

I've never been one to swear
And all of this I could spare
If you weren't staring at me
It isn't something you prepare for
Not at all, can't you see?

No one is dressing this up

Flung in the throes
Far in the fog
Baited to boat
Fate is a knock in the dark

And even dreams can have limits
If you make some amendments
And pretend you are free
And even schemes can turn
To lemons that fall from the tree

You know I saw you before
I can't pretend to ignore
I only know what I see
And I could waste within
The salt of your shores easily

No one is messing this up
No one is dressing this up
No one is guessing this up
Where we go?
Far as we fall


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