Take Care Of Yourself
Lyrics The Posies

Maybe you never saw much of me
As you're creeping around your history
It's true-I wasn't always with you
I was so gone but you weren't forgotten
That's why I've been trying to make it up to you in later years
I hope a father's what I am
But rationalizing's not my aim
Just to pick you up and carry all your pain
And give you wings and not to
Always get the better of
The other side, ain't that what you call love?

Take care of yourself
Do everything you can so we don't lose ya

Showing me off all your side effects
And keeping your face like a silhouette in blue
Is all we're gonna get
But keep it in mind in your last regrets
As you're blowing away like an untethered balloon
And drifting high forever
Is that the thing that turns you on?
To see we missed you after all you're gone?

Take care of yourself….

If I said I was letting you die
Well baby I told you a lie
Well maybe I'd tell you a lie
If only to keep you alive

You're writing your own prescription
Riding the lines of a minor fiction
If anyone ever could spare to lose a detail

Filing your heart with the facts you're facing
Draining away as your blood's escaping
You could make it last forever
They say that the last time feels like pleasure
Feeling a smile from your unsuccessful...
Breathing every memory
As I'm always to prevent your harm
These words you mock me when you cut into your arms


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