Plastic Paperbacks
Lyrics The Posies

Featuring: Hugh Cornwell

Once I had money but now I'm far from home
Once I was loved by a woman but now there's nothing but cold stone
I was hard, man but what was there to understand?
Along that wind, were you searching for the start of sin?

Journeys taken in search of that terrible eye
Turned over horizons under which no sun wants to lie
But that trust which comes into the thick of it
I got through that with a stack of plastic paperbacks

But to love you, oh to love you

One by one I pressed those letters in your hand
Like a Gutenberg Bible burning at midnight on the sand
You've been up, held where innocence has never dwelled
But that's all right, there's a Bible burning giving light

But to love you, oh to love you

We've got all night, to stare into the anthracite
The cold black flame: we've been burning plastic paperbacks again


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