Lyrics The Mowgli's

Written by: Colin Dieden, Matthew Di Panni, Kathryn Earl, Spencer Trent, Joshua Hogan, David Appelbaum, Michael Vincze, Christian James-Hand

Produced by: Christian James-Hand

I don't like time.
Time is making me old,
But I'm doin' alright.
Cause I will still be young tomorrow.

And I can't stand working all day.
Work is wearing out my soul.
I think I'll go out tonight,
And I will call in sick tomorrow.

I get so down about this world sometimes.
I cannot understand people, no, not at all
But I hope to see a change in man.
I hope to see us love one another and I know we can.

My bank account is runnin' out.
I'm payin' fees for overdrafts
But when I win the lottery,
I'll tell B of A that they can kiss my ass.

Cause I don't like time
Time's ticking away my life
So I live the way I want to live,
And I will live this way till I am dead.

When life gets hard
You've got to remember who you are
And forget about what people think.
Just be who you want to be.

Don't you want to see how good life can be?
Let's make a harmony.
And life will sing.

And I'll wait for you to come home.
I haven't seen you in so long
I don't remember what you look like
So I will see you for the first time.

And I've been dreaming of the open road
I've got this feeling like I won't be coming home any time soon.
Let's go around this world and make it new.

And I said, oh, let's get lost.
Let's walk into the dark and forget about our sorrows.
We'll learn to let go.
Singing, oh, I know we can.

Don't you want to see how good life can be?
Let's make a harmony
And life will sing.


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