This Is What I Know About Sacrifice
Lyrics The Ghost Inside

Written by: Jonathan Vigil, Aaron Brooks, Jim Riley, Zack Johnson, Andrew Tkaczyk

Produced by: Andrew Wade

This is what I know about sacrifice:
Meet me at the crossroads; let's go.

This life is constant sacrifice.
I laid myself out for the world to see.
This time I'm gonna get it right.
My past should be more than just a memory.

I said that I would give anything
To live my life out and follow my dreams.
I didn't know what I would be facing.
That it would take this and everything from me.

In a world that won't stop.
On top of all that I've lost.
I'll give this and all that I've got.
So take your best shot.

Now listen up, I'm here to set the story straight.
So meet me at the crossroads; let's go.


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