Lyrics Summer Fiction

Written by: Bill Ricchini

Produced by: BC Camplight, Bill Ricchini

Genevieve, I want you in my life
I get down on one knee
Ask you to be my wife

Genevieve, I want you everyday
Open your eyes and see
The words get in the way

You're like a melody
A dead bouquet
But I want you here with me
Don't go away

Genevieve, slowly put down the knife
Don't point that gun at me
My love, don't take my life

Genevieve, I'm walking out the door
Just like I've threatened to
A thousand times before

"I hear a symphony"
A tired cliché
Maybe I'm too blind to see
Won't go away

It gets so boring when you're not here
Your stars burst in the sky above
I'm sticking with you right or wrong, dear
You are the only one I love

Genevieve from a third floor window
Watches the people pass
Down on the street below

Genevieve, you are my everything
Says when she takes her pill
She can't feel anything

Paint her red blue and green!
Nor faded grey
I lost you once in a dream
It's a new day

Yeah, I want you here with me
You're home to stay


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