A Break In The Weather
Lyrics Stephen Emmer

Featuring: Glenn Gregory

Written by: Stephen Emmer, Glenn Gregory

Produced by: Tony Visconti

A break in the weather
The cold dust that settles leaves a trace
Something to remember
Another time, another place
A vague recollection
Your hand reaching out
No lost connection
Were only wasting time

Surrounded by silence
Yesterday echoes from the walls
With occasional blindness
I choose to see nothing there at all
As your words wrap around me
Whispering touch
They chase me to sunlight
Now all we need is time

It's hard to know when things go wrong
If you should go or carry on
If you get burned you'd better learn
Read between the lines, look for the signs

It's so cold in the city
The heat from the day extinguished now
I stand in the doorway
The threshold of what is then and now
I look to the future
I see your face
Let's search for tomorrow
Now all we have is time

And time is all we need
A break in the weather


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