Lyrics Six Day Slide

The city lights will burn your heart if you wear it on your sleeve
The quite streets will comfort you while the city's fast asleep
You've given up on trying to find any meaning in your life
But something somewhere's pulling you
Somehow you know you'll survive

Now you're hangin' on by a thread
Your mind is racing remember what he said
Like a falling angel with out wings
You're left here stranded in the middle of everything

His words they reel you in and pull you out till you find it hard to breathe
After all the lies he's told to you you still turn the other cheek
The city lights have burnt your heart you've got nothing left to bleed
The quiet streets are killing you I only wish you could see


You just needed someone to show you
What it meant to be loved
Now his life has unfolded before you
In your heart you can trust



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