Outside The Pale
Lyrics Samantha Crain

Written by: Samantha Crain

Produced by: John Vanderslice

I bet you want a bargain, I hear you want to take cover
Running like a yawn from one mouth to another
You and I, we're blacktop rough, common as the dirt
Sniveling into the phone, trying to help our sisters hurt

Outside the pale
Outside the pale

Time is only loved at night, night is only loved at death
The underdogs of human thought within the infrared
You and I, we tell the stories the TV won't release
They keep us in the wild under branch and thorn and tree

Outside the pale
Outside the pale

It's such a blow to reach above, split loyalty and name
The fence just isn't real but to this very modern day
All you see is sex and property, when we run this damn machine
Holding all the riches but it still feels like a dream

Outside the pale
Outside the pale


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