Elk City
Lyrics Samantha Crain

Written by: Samantha Crain

Produced by: John Vanderslice

Get me outta this town
Get me outta this dream
I've been drinkin' away
All my money

See I was 17
When I came to this place
In a boyfriend's Colt wagon
On the 40 interstate

He told me we'd be rich
Get on at the GHK Company
That the Anadarko Basin's
Where you wanted to be

We pitched a tent in the park
It's all we could do
Weren't no rooms anywhere
I hoped that job would come through

He said just one more night
Can you give me one more night?

He got outta that town
When the boom turned to bust
Didn't say where he went
Never told any of us

I almost moved to Dallas
With my best friend Kathleen
But I met a guy at the Longhorn
He said he could fix my washing machine

How's tomorrow night?
Yeah tomorrow night

Well that night turned into 9 months
Sitting on my ass
Waiting for a baby
My first and my last

And she's all grown up now
Got into college and everything
So she beat her mama out of that town
Out of Elk City

I can only do one more night
Just one more night

I can only stand one more night
Just one more night

I can only stay one more night
Just one more night


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