Big Rock
Lyrics Samantha Crain

Written by: Samantha Crain

Produced by: John Vanderslice

Stuck on a rock in the middle of the river
Stuck on a rock with my worries so wide
How do I smile and wave as they pass me by?
I'm stuck on a rock until the bed runs dry

The house that I live in should be condemned
The car that I drive doesn't drive
They say I should be happy for my friends living high
But I'm stuck on a rock for the longest time

But it's a big rock
A big flat rock
Make myself a little home
Even though I'm all alone
The view's alright

I just need a small drought
Not much of a drought
So I can get the water level down
Get my feet back on the ground this time

Stuck in between floors on the elevator
Stuck in a box with my worries so tall
How do I smile when my ride going up has stalled?
I'm stuck in a box while they're all on the job

But it's a big box
A pretty good box
Make myself a little home
Even though I'm all alone
I've got some time

I just need a great thought
That I can write down
Let it grow here and incubate
No matter if I end up late this time


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