We Two Are A Moon
Lyrics Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop

Written by: Sam Beam, Jesca Hoop

Produced by: Tucker Martine

This song is a love letter to toss into the fire
Wind comes in the window, faces carve into the hearth
Find a soul and feel it
Hearts have hidden rooms
Sing with me to wrong gods
Music isn't safe

This love is a photograph of snow kept in a cloud
We don't look for failure but it's teaching us the world
And its open kisses
Mercy among stones
Horses in the doorway
Running out of rain

And we all die of thirst
We put family first
The world can withhold so much beauty

This life is a river rock to turn under your tongue
Laughing rubs it smooth and crying turns into a pearl
Promise me tomorrow
Fingers deep in green
This well's full of water
We two are a moon


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