I Think She Wants Me
Lyrics Ryan Broshear

Written by: Ryan Broshear, Amie Broshear

Produced by: Daniel Agee

I was down at the station pumping gas
Had a twenty dollar bill, let it roll right past
Watching the girl on number nine
Truck jacked up, she was looking so fine
Had that red mud all over her blue jeans
I was checking her out she caught me

And I played it cool, I played it smart
Poured gasoline all down the front of my arm
I asked her name and she just laughed
And climbed up in her truck cab
Thought as she burned out in that Chevy
I think she wants me

Driving main drag Friday night
When her truck pulled beside me at that one stop light
I revved the gas, the light turned green
We were neck and neck until the Dairy Queen
Caught that blue light in my rearview
Well I guess he never saw you

And I played it cool, I played it smart
Had him in the dust all the way to Walmart
He asked my name, I had to laugh
You waived as you flew past
Thought as he ordered me out of my Chevy
I think she wants me

I could be wrong, yeah I'm just not that smooth
If I could just get the chance to talk to you, yeah yeah

I've never been good with the ladies
But one night at this party...

I played it cool, I played it smart
I played a campfire song on my old guitar
And there you were across the flames
And I finally caught your name
As you sat down on my tailgate
I thought, man, this was worth the wait
I think she wants me
I think she wants me
Yeah, she wants me
Ah, come on girl


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