The Old Crow
Lyrics Rose Windows

Written by: Chris Cheveyo, Rabia Shaheen Qazi, Richie Rekow, Nils Petersen, Pat Schowe, Veronica Dye

Produced by: Randall Dunn

Shot my baby with a .45
I hoped to feel, I hoped to learn
But the minute she left, I lost the sun
And the minute she fell, I was on the run
Started that journey 'round 25
I hoped to heal, I hoped to love
But the minute I left, I turned the gun
What's left to burn?
'Cause I got my...

Brake-less El Camino
Tearing through the desert
Rising up like heat waves
Looking like distant seas
To a fool who wants water
There ain't no blessing for them
From me

And like smoke from the bronze
Appeared the first vision

The sky went out that day
And the lightning held a grin
And every word was a roar
That beat me to my knees
So I stood upon them
Raised my gun on high
There ain't no room for gods in this town

As smoke from the bronze
Appeared the next vision

Here comes the crystal pool
The golden throne
The joke of all years
Oh look it's the book of names
My judges and my peers
To close my open eyes and end this rebel ride

She placed her hand on my shoulder
Coiled around me as a snake
Hissed a few words I'll remember
Every life on this stake

And like smoke from the bronze
Appeared the last magician

There goes the bearded fool
To judge the rest, the rest of his children
One by one thrown in the abyss
The truth became, became the lie
And the fire cooled
The fool could not survive

And every enemy sang along...


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