Aurora Avenue
Lyrics Rose Windows

Written by: Chris Cheveyo, Rabia Shaheen Qazi, Richie Rekow, Nils Petersen, Pat Schowe, Veronica Dye

Produced by: Randall Dunn

Every time I wake up in another city
I get the feeling that I'm nobody at all
It's that feeling - keeps me driving
Keeps me moving, keeps me on my toes
That feeling keeps me writing on the wall

I'm walking down the street and it's no love song
I'm pushing what I can to get my fill
Till there's nothing left here to believe in
I can't keep myself from stealing
Killing time until there is nothing left to kill

Goddamn woman
Gotta fight to turn my lonesome eyes away
Goddamn woman
Everybody needs a hand to hold these days

Aw man, I ain't buying what you're selling
And aw man, I won't swallow what you've cooked
Like I'm just some insect on the street
Eyes wide open but asleep
Another penny in the wishing well for crooks

I can smell it on you now, don't keep me waiting
Oh, the scent of it is stronger than my will
Well, you're full of sh*t and I am too
Let's find something to abuse
Need you to keep me off Aurora Avenue
Need you to keep me off Aurora Avenue

Goddamn woman
Gotta fight to turn my bloodshot eyes away
Goddamn woman
Every lonesome traveler needs a place to stay


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