Storm Warning
Lyrics Rodney Crowell

Written by: Rodney Crowell, Mary Karr

Produced by: Jordan Lehning, Kim Buie

Charcoal cloudbank belly rolling east
We're staring down the dark eye of the beast
Seek your shelter anywhere you will
Don't let your life depend on standing still

Tornado alley keeps on moving south
Winds that yank the teeth right from your mouth
Grab your bible, wedding ring and pet
We ain't seen the worst of this thing yet
Storm Warning
Storm Warning

First you hear that mighty rumbling freight train sound
Next your trees are plucked like daisies from the ground
Your roof, your car, your house, your friends
School bus tumbling end on end
Screaming Storm Warning
Storm Warning

The devil's claw marks leave a trail of wrath
Ninety-five miles of twisted aftermath
A cell phone rings unanswered in the mess
Who lost who is anybody's guess
Storm Warning
Storm Warning


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