Oh What A Beautiful World
Lyrics Rodney Crowell

Written by: Rodney Crowell

Produced by: Steuart Smith, Dan Knobler, Rodney Crowell

It's the time and the place
Every line on your face
It's the truth and the lie
It's to live and to die
Oh what a beautiful world

It's a girl and a boy
And the first taste of joy
It's an old photograph
Of two hearts torn in half
Oh what a beautiful world

We build our hopes up high, perchance to someday fly
Across a clear blue sky to someplace new

It's a walk in the park
Or a shot in the dark
It's a thief in the night
Or the first ray of light
Oh what a beautiful world

We live our legends down, wake up in lost and found
Become that highway sound and roll on through

It's the rise and the fall
Of the clocks on the wall
It's the first and the last
Of your days flying past
Oh what a beautiful world

Oh what a beautiful world


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