I Don't Care Anymore
Lyrics Rodney Crowell

Written by: Rodney Crowell

Produced by: Jordan Lehning, Kim Buie

I used to pull my britches on with just one thing in mind
Make the girls believe that I'm the last one of my kind
Silver toe tips on my boots and a mullet head of hair
All designed to walk into a room and make somebody stare
I don't care anymore if I don't stand out in a crowd
I was better off before I tried to make my mother proud

I came to town a dreaming I could make my mark in spades
Forty odd years later all my best cards have been played
It's a hard knock situation when the accolades bestowed
On your every last creation cries out middle of the road
I don't care anymore about the fortune and the fame
I was better off before I tried to make myself a name

All the money that I blew through like some boot black off the farm
Could not have vanished quicker if I'd shot it in my arm
Some so and so says don't you know the limit is the sky
Next thing I remember I'm unlearning how to fly
I don't care anymore

All those party dolls and favors that I savored from day one
Add up to next to nothing after all is said and done
A real friend tried to tell me man with all respect it's true
The time to put away these things is long since overdue

If indeed I do get lonesome in my mansion on the hill
There's this neighbor's wife I covet for her beauty and her skill
The way she puts herself together sleek in vagabond couture
Makes each mailbox conversation one more heartache to endure
I don't care anymore who does what and why
I was better off before when I was just another guy

I've been lied on, spied on, cried on, tried on, taken for a ride you bet
Fracked, cracked, smacked jack, what you see is what you get
I've been spit at, hit at, quit at, sh*t at, shouldn't hurt a bit at, what I'm trying to get at
Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice and put the blame on
I don't care anymore


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