Frankie Please
Lyrics Rodney Crowell

Written by: Rodney Crowell

Produced by: Steuart Smith, Dan Knobler, Rodney Crowell

You tore through my life like a tornado looking for a trailer park
And your white trash mishmash short of cash culture clash hit the mark
We met on a Monday, here it is Sunday
It happened so fast, they said it wouldn't last
Yeah, but what do they know?
Why can't they say so now?

I was rackin' up points in the dives and the joints on the edge of town
Shootin' pool, playin' cool, trying to get some other fool to buy another round
Yeah, you rattled my brain like a runaway train
You scattered my past like a dynamite blast
You're some kind of woman Frankie
Stand up and take a bow

Frankie please, don't ever give me the deep freeze
And your p's and q's and don'ts and do's are all the news to light my fuse
Don't change nothing
Not on a dare
Ever since you hit here I've been walking on air
I didn't see you coming Frankie
Now I can't let you go

You stole into my heart like a thief with the cutting torch, did you not?
And your can't miss, first kiss told me this, don't resist what you got
All out of nowhere, I'm caught in your crosshair
Shagged, fragged, bagged, tagged, it's like I lost every battle
But still I won the war

Frankie please, don't ever give me the deep freeze
In the time we've got, let's tie the knot and fire the shot that hits the spot
Lord have mercy, hallowed be
It ain't a pretty picture but it's working on me
I'm a fool for you Frankie, don't let me let you go
You're one in a million Frankie, that's all I need you to know


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