East Houston Blues
Lyrics Rodney Crowell

Written by: Rodney Crowell

Produced by: Jordan Lehning, Kim Buie

So I grew up hungry and I grew up hard
Took the streets and alleys for my own back yard
I've got a break and enter on my list of crimes
Been before the judge one too many times

East Houston blues, scale of one to ten
Bout a nine and a half is where it's always been
It's in the drinking water and in the bar ditch mud
East Houston blues gets in a poor boy's blood

I learned to drink and drive when I was 12 years old
Uncle Fireball Stoddard rest his ragged soul
He ran a '54 Ford up and down the drag
Sippin' Early Times straight from a paper bag

East Houston blues picture Dowling Street
And Navigation Blvd where the crossroads meet
Three sheets in the wind, brick shy of a load
East Houston blues down a nowhere road

40 dollar boots, big Bangora hat
Stolen money from an inside job, what you think about that

I'm a third ward child, my mother's only son
Which means exactly nothing without a loaded gun
I don't believe in love and this I guarantee
If there's a God above, he's got it in for me

East Houston blues, what you want me to say
I need to find a woman to keep the wolves at bay
Keep my head on straight, make me toe the line
East Houston blues ain't no friend of mine

Just so you understand that of which I speak
I'm a worried man on a losing streak


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