Not On The Inside
Lyrics Robyn

Isn't funny how some people never practice what they preach
Isn't it sad that the strongest arm's still to short to reach
I watch him struggle with the fact that he's become what he said he'll never be
Hip parties and sunglasses at night they help him not to see
Can he see?

He's been high on a young girls vibe
Never alone on a Saturday night
He's been around the world, about a million times
But he's never been in love, not on the inside

Isn't so messed up to be witness for a man who won't confess,
He won't confess, no
That he lost his truth, so caught up in believin' his own press
I watch him struggle with the fact that he relies on people that don't really care,
They don't care, no no no
You say that the business is a whack
So baby why are you so deep in there


One day it's gonna be too late
Or maybe it's too late, anyway
Famous has made you shameless
But not blameless
Just loveless, loveless, loveless

[Chorus x2]


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