Lyrics Robyn


It's electric
It's a natural high
We don't always know why
Keep your ego aside
Well it's electric
It's a thing you can't deny

Blood boils without fire
Day come, day go
Without your desire
Disturbs the flow
When in denial
Night falls,
Falls to take you higher


A hard question
Needs an easy answer
Recognize, accept, no need to censor
The harder the fall
The higher the bounce
Smooth moves
Keeps your buoyancy
Yeah, keeps your balance
Ohh ah


Electric (can't deny that it's so)
Electric (it's electric)
Electric (oooh yeah yeah yeah)

In the eyes of a child
And the love that moves
The sun and the stars above
That race your heart
Somebody dies
And you have to cry
When you think this is it
And then some other
Sh*t just happens
Yeah, it just happens, happens
That's when

[Chorus 2x]

Electric [4x]

Song facts

"Electric" was the first single to be released off Swedish pop singer-songwriter Robyn's second album My Truth released in 1999. The song peaked at #6 in Robyn's native Sweden, making it her fifth consecutive top 40 hit there. It was certified Gold, in recognition of 20,000 singles sold.

Electric showed Robyn venture away somewhat from the clean cut Pop/R&B sound of her previous single releases, and instead embrace more Electropop influences.

Although the song failed to make much of an impact on the charts outside of Sweden, it became somewhat of a DJ favourite, and was a club hit across Europe.


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