MC Hammer
Lyrics Rick Ross

Featuring: Gucci Mane

[Hook: Rick Ross]
My gun dirty, my brick clean
I'm riding dirty, my d*ck clean
She talk dirty, but her mouth clean
B*tch, I'm MC Hammer, I'm about cream
I got 30 cars, whole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere, I'm MC Hammer
Started selling dope, I'm too legit to quit
When it's hammer time, I'm pulling out the stick

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I'm at the car lot, I'm going broke
I pay for 5, they front a couple mo
I take them home, like I do my hoes
I dress them up, I buy them clothes
Glass slippers, I gas hoes
Now she's acting brand new on you assholes
Limousines, I did that
Two door coupes, boy I live that
My top back, I'm circumcised
I pull it back, just to go inside
She thinking Phillipe's, I'm thinking Wing Stop
Fiending lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked
Black bat mobile, it's only new Ferrari
It's called Scaglietti, one button like a Atari
I'm just advising, my profit is rising
N*ggas buying stocks in a n*gga like I'm Verizon


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I got the Porsche, I was so ecstatic
100 grand a day my operation is so elaborate
Credit card schemes, that was for the faggots
Mother f*ck window shopping boy I gotta have it
Now my sh*t be booming all across the atlas
Gucci Pucci money long, now we call him Alex
Had to move from Dade, cuz that sh*t went local
Pick up the mansion and I sat that b*tch back down in Boca
My baddest b*tches Latin, but they call me loco
Till I f*ck them in the ass out in Acapulco
I'm thinking money, every moment thinking money
I bust a nut then I'm back to thinking money
My wrist froze, my mind blown
Her mouth slow, my eyes closed
You gotta judge a man by his principles
Teflon don, I am invincible


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
Diamonds moving on my chest, wanna Hammer dance
Seventy grand make my jeans sag like some Hammer pants
Ambulance, ambulance, 911, 911
It's Gucci Mane, yea that's my name, I'm going dumb, going dumb
Blowing up, blowing up, blowing up, blowing up
I'm like MC Hammer, I put that on my grandma
I ride through East Atlanta, in my new Ferrari
It's a 458, if you don't have one, sorry
I'll let you borrow mine, I think I'm MC Hammer
I never borrowed jewelry, I'm tipping naked dancers
It's an occasion, a celebration, at Central Station
With Haitian hoes and Jamaicans, I'm trying to make it
Old school, wanna race it? We can test it
I'm flexing, I'll leave a sucker eating dust for breakfast
So expect the unexpected
I'm well connected
I'm MC Hammer 150 on the guest list



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