Too Late
Lyrics Raine Seville

Oooh oooh
(Raine Seville)
(When you had me you took me for granted, now it's over)
Oooh oooh

I'm sorry but sorry's not good enough
To get me back you broke ma heart
And all of your pleading, crying and begging,
Just won't do, where were you
When I loved you endlessly
What else did you want from me
I gave you everything
Was there through thick and thin
Now I'm gone I won't come back home

Its tooo late
(I'm through with you, not missing you, it's over)
It's too late
(Stop calling me, we're history, it's over)
I said it's toooo late
(I'm not gon' cry,I'll be alright without you)
It's toooo late
(When you had, you didn't love me, it's too late)

Oh it's your turn to cry
You were my sun, my earth and my life
You didn't know just how much I loved you
All you did was hurt me and argue
Many times you made me feel so insecure
I just wanted you to love me more
But now I've moved on
So I'm saying to you so long


It's too late
Oh oh
I said it's too late
Yeah, where were you when I needed you
It's too late

[Chorus till fade]