Ferry Boat Killaz
Lyrics Raekwon The Chef

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, pass off, man
You know what it is, man
It's that sh*t, yo, Alchemist, what up?
Good looking

Ferry Boat killas, Park Hillas, infered lasers
On the top of the ceilings, can't sneak by
Go downs is like blow hounds, we smother the block
Jumping in front of cars, lending n*ggas four pounds
Walk, keep it moving, yo, hop in the range
I know you real, cuz I raised you, not gon' front on your aim
We spit together, rocking wrist lights, stunting,
Right in front of the parking lot
I'm like that shark wearing, lighting, been Niking
One bling, two bling no, only Boeings
And trips to Australia, yo, my n*ggas is smoke fiends
F*cking every part of the planet, slam a forty with a salmon
Hit your ho on target, we family
These are big n*ggas, grown men, who travel the world
Calling global drug dealing n*ggas, moguls
Never locals, only courts I now is sober
And this is real n*gga food, Chef giving out his soul food

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Get a plate, man, for real, man
Come eat, man

Bulldogs they calling, phantom doors lift up, crawling
Kiss Shallah hand in the Holland
Larry and his guns is weird, six hundred onions a year
No more running, see the morgue, shorty
Wild nights, crew gunning cats, animal jackets and axes
Bulletproof buses, forty backs
N*ggas is Romans, then turn around and they gon', then
Hoods is paro', n*ggas is logged in
Channel to channel, hammer to hammer
Rock a bandana knife like Rambo on the scrambler
Get high, trust your trigger man, logic is the bigger man
Get sh*t done, hit Orlando
New improved killas is beemer, plasma walls with the ninas
Stick your arm in the back, you jink
Thirty seven, three one five, eleven oh nine
With two T's, it's like rolling up new trees

[Outro: Raekwon]
Light up, man, light up, man
Open that n*gga, I'mma blow ya, I'mma give ya a hundred, n*gga
Just for that right there, my arm is...


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