The Blind Leaving The Blind: 2nd Movement
Lyrics Punch Brothers

Well I'm back in the moment where I belong
It turns out four years was four years too long
It's over and I'm over it
Well she sang me a song that I wrote for her
Then she said I like the tune but not the words
It's over and I'm over it
You collected the moments I threw away
Said to yourselves he's gonna want them back
The day it's over
And he's over it

Friends let's drink 'til our hearts break open
And our hands feel empty
Though they're full all the time
It's so nice in here I'm so glad you're here
Can we just stay here all the time

Walk me home we'll watch the sun come up
Don't leave me alone 'cause I've been left enough
It's over I'll get over it

Friends let's drink to my indiscretions
I woke up with a number and a name
That I don't want that I won't use again
But would you proofread any messages I send
'Til it's over and I'm over it


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