Redneck Recreation
Lyrics Outshyne

Produced by: Chip Matthews, Jeffrey Steele

Well, summertime's here out on the edge of the world.
We've had all winter to consider how to impress the girls.
How high we gonna jump it, how deep we gonna sink it,
How loud we gonna pump it, how cold we gonna drink it,
A video to prove it then we'll probably YouTube it.

Hey hey, that's the way we kick it.
Hey hey, it might take a couple stitches.
Hey hey, that's not a moving violation,
It's just a little redneck recreation.

If it involves gun powder or gasoline,
If you can float it, fly it, drive it, shoot it, man that's the thing.
How bad you gonna break it, how hard you gonna run it,
How dirty do you shake it when you get down on it.
If it ain't death-defying, man it ain't worth trying.

Hey hey, that's the way we rock it.
Hey hey, till you try it, don't knock it.
Hey hey, we ain't on no medication,
It's just a little redneck recreation.
C'mon now.

Hey hey, that's our kind of trouble.
Hey hey, we don't need no stunt double.
Hey hey, if you ain't under thrill chasing,
Then come and get some redneck recreation.

Hey hey, man I double-dog dare ya.
Hey hey, you're a sissy if it scares ya.
Hey hey, man congratulations,
Just a little redneck recreation.
Can I get an amen from the congregation?
Just a little redneck recreation.

Hey hey, hey hey.


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