Catch Me If You Can (Remix)
Lyrics Outasight

Featuring: Asher Roth

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Catch me if you can

Sink slow sips of bourbon, etching out a dream
A page out of your notebook, images on a dusted screen
And lord knows I'm right in front of you
Mouth shut but I'm not gonna move
I won't be here for long but that's just how sh*t goes
Welcome to the Terrordome
D'evils knocking on my door but I'm never home
Papa was a rolling stone and he let 'em go
So now, you understand why I'm better known
And any list they made, don't try to write 'em off
Any chick that I played, gonna fight 'em off
Love the fireworks, yeah, let's light 'em off
My AIM game tight but I'm really signing off

And you seen the breaks and you seen the flaws
Packed up in Spring, never returned in Fall
I'm sorry I can't help you man

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Catch me if you
Catch me if you can

[Asher Roth]
For ten months, I've been running from under-covers
I've been hunted by the hunter from the Winter to the Summer
From slums of underground to the youngest of the brothers
I've uncovered what they muzzled and tried to keep from public
Check it, I hear 'em coming, couldn't catch me if they wanted to
They want me under 'cause they know that I'm the one to prove
That what they do is rob and loot and keep us under rule
And anyone who wonders why or what will fall asleep in soup
You must have mistaken me, unshaved in face
Places me with all the other thieves
I keep discreet, only peeking up just to breathe
Eating when it's needed, feeding mainly on my freedom
See, each heartbeat reminds time is unwinding
I could own up all the diamonds but still couldn't buy it
So I've decided I will use my time wisely
Fighting to enlighten, yeah, clashing with the titans
Check it, with no fingerprints and no leads
I'm known as any slick, yeah no I.D
Police be on the scene, no motives to believe
In only a broken home and pieces of debris
I'm leaving with the (?)
All there's left to check is a note that reads

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Catch me if you
Catch me if you can,
Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can,
Catch me if you can motherf*cker
Catch me if you
Catch me if you
Catch me if you can