Lyrics Off With Their Heads

Whoa oh oh...
I don't feel like me, whatever that's supposed to be.
I've crossed lines I never thought I'd cross.
My only retreat is falling asleep
But I lie awake every night of the week
And think about how much worse it's become

I don't feel like me, whoever that's supposed to be
I'm a different person every time I come home
How can I be so lonely when you're in the room right next to me?
Why has it been like this my whole life?

I need to say it I, I need more
I need the feeling that I had before I got back
And started up this old routine again
Always upstream, always against the grain.

And nothing will ever change!
Whoa oh oh...
Nothing will ever change
Whoa oh...
Ever change
Whoa oh...
Nothing will ever change