Lyrics Nicole Scherzinger

Featuring: B. Cox

[B. Cox:]
Another B. Cox joint

Uh! Uh! Uh!


Y'know this feels good right now
I'm just tryin to...let off some steam

[B. Cox:]
Let's go

It's a Friday, the clock is moving way to slow (uh- ah- uh)
Can't wait to get out the door (uh- ah- uh)
And get my move down (my move my move my move my move....)
(uh- ah- uh)
Got all my girls with me (uh- ah- uh)
Just want a little more privacy (uh- ah- uh)
I'm in my groove now (I'm in my ....)
All we want to do is just...

Just let of some steam, steam... (Uh, I wanna)
Let off some steam... steam (Just wanna)
Let off some steam... steam (I wanna... steam)
Let off some steam
Let off some steam

(uh- ah- uh)
Movin' like it's gonna be the last time I got out
(uh- ah- uh)
So I don't got a care as the DJ brings the beat down (lovin it back)
(uh- ah- uh)
I bet I'll make you lose your feet
(uh- ah- uh)
So in motion when you're up against me
(uh- ah- uh)
I'm in my groove now (I'm in my groove now...)
All we wanna do is just....

[Chorus x2]

When I'm on the floor...
The music takes over...
I'll go somewhere...
Somewhere far from,
Everyone and everything
This is where I need to be
Sometimes I just wanna
Break free and let of some...

Steam (steam... steam... steam...)
Steam (steam... steam... steam...)


[Chorus repeats into fade]