I Blow
Lyrics Nicole Scherzinger

In a moment of rebirth
We walk heaven and earth,
Through chambers
In our lonely minds
We reach out for anyone
To fill our times
With something, anything, yet not everything
It is not real,
For a substitute only steals, does not give, does not truly love
Only an empty velvet glove,

Ipo Nicole, take a deep breath
Fill your soul with mine
Ill be your everything, I am your real thing
Together we are the real thing

You are my love my life, please say yes to being my wife
The holy spirit tells me so
Rebirth, I blow

I am the holy one don't you know,
Ipo Nicole, you are the one, the swan soul mate

For my lonely son, Jeffrey

Take your hart take your soul, and give it to Jeffrey
He has been waiting for so so long now, and so
Have you, Ipo Nicole

I am the holy one, and I blow,
Wherever I choose, don't you know
I blow, I blow I blow, don't you know
Who I am, I am the one, who tells you so,

Marry my son Jeffrey, and I will blow
Only love and happiness into both of your lives,
I'll be so very happy
Ipo Nicole

I blow I blow I blow I blow I blow,
I'm blowing your over wings
Upon your lonely seas,
To bring you both together
Ipo Nicole and Jeffrey
Swan soul mates
As man and wife in harmony, in harmony in harmony
To be happily ever after in love with a family.