Something Out Of Me
Lyrics Nichole Nordeman

Written by: Nichole Nordeman, David Hodges

Produced by: Christopher Stevens

Just You and me on a hillside
And 4,999
If You could see on the inside
What I brought
What I need
How I'm caught
In between

You lifted bread to the blue sky
They said they watched it just multiply
But in the back of a long line
Oh, I want
To believe
There's enough
Left for me

By now it really shoulda been long gone
And somehow it keeps going on and on
On and on an on 'cause

You take all kinds of nothing
Turn it right in to something
I see impossible but
You see a basket full of
A little bit of this sounds crazy
A little bit of just maybe
You take every doubt and
You make something out of me

It's not the story that moves me
It's not that I don't believe You could
It's just my heart is so hungry

Is there enough
To fill me up
Or will You run
Out of love

By now Your love could have been long gone
But somehow it keeps going on and on


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