Sheikh El Shabab
Lyrics Nancy Ajram

Latin lyrics:

Shu wasi2 b 7alo w shu albo awe
W albi min jamalo dayeb mistiwe
Kanet oset i3jab saret 7ob w 3azab
Tari shay5 el shabab obo byekwe kawe
Ka2eno bya3refni w 7aso albo shou 3indi 7anin
Ana bes2al 7ali shu 5aso 3am yes2alni b sifato min?
Fakkarto majnoun, ma twa2a3to ykoun
7abibi w nosi el tani li ra7 7ebo b jnoun


English translation:

How self confident and what a brave heart he has!
From his beauty my heart is melted and ripened
It was a story of a crush and now it is about love and torment
It turns out that this young boy, his love sears
As if he knows me and he feels how much I long for him
I ask myself, why would he ask me? What does he represent for me?
I thought he is crazy, I didn't expect him to be
My beloved one and my other half, that I'll love madly


Arabic lyrics:

شيخ الشباب

شو واثق بحاله شو قلبه قوى
وقلبى من جماله دايب مستوى
كانت قصة اعجاب صارت حب وعذاب
تارى شيخ الشباب حبه بيكوى كوى

كانه بيعرفنى وحس بقلبى شو عندى حنين
وانا اسال حالى شو خصه عم يسالنى بصفته مين
مفكرته مجنون ماتوقعته يكون حبيبى ونصى التانى اللى راح حبه بجنون
كانت قصة اعجاب صارت حب وعذاب
تارى شيخ الشباب حبه بيكوى كوى

Song facts

English title: "The Greatest of the Youngsters"


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