Bayyaa' We Shater (Assly)
Lyrics Nancy Ajram

Latin lyrics:

Baya3 o sha6er


Baya3 o sha6er o brimo, 5ada3 o ab9om bil3ashara

Kadab o a9li 3ala adimo.. la leih fil 7ub wala fil 3eshra

5ayen kibeer o da mabda2o.. yi3raf yi'3eer o tsada2o

Fil tamtheel malosh mitheel.. dares o kamal ta3leemo

Ahma y2olak tisma3lo.. wint msadi2 wimsalim
Yikdib 3aleik o tidma3lo, fil kidb ustath o m3alim
Hadi awi nismat hawa, yow3ad awi wiyseeb hawah

English translation:

A seller, good at his job..

A liar

A seller, sly, and a primo... A cheater and I'd stamp it with a ten
(First three words are all to express that he's a player and a ladies men, then "obsem bel 3ashara" is a saying meaning she'd put her money on it, *ten fingerprints* that he's a cheater/traitor )

He's a liar and always has been, he doesn't care for love nor about a lifetime together
*3eshra = companionship

He's a big traitor and that's his principle... he knows how to show jealousy to the extent that you believe it

And in his acting there is none like him... he has studied and perfected his craft
(She's saying here that he has become a pro at being a player in lying, a master and teacher)

No matter what he says you listen.. with you believing him and surrendering
He lies at you and you shed a tear for him, in lies he's a master and teacher
He's very calm, like a soft breeze, he promises a lot, and then leaves his love

Arabic lyrics:

بياع وشاطر


بياع وشاطر وبريمو.. خداع وأبصم بالعشرة..

كداب وأصلى على قديمة.. لا ليه فى حب ولا فى عشرة..

خاين كبير وده مبدأه.. يعرف يغير وتصدقه..

وفى التمثيل مالوش مثيل.. دارس وكمل تعليمه

مهما يقولك تسمعله وانت مصدق ومسلم
يكدب عليك وتدمعله فى الكدب استاذ ومعلم
هادى اوى نسمه هوا يوعد اوى ويسيب هوا

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English title: "A player, good at his job"


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