Good Intentions
Lyrics Mouth Of The South

Written by: Josiah Lyle, Tanner Allen, Mike Butler, Colton Bartholet, Garrett Metzger

Produced by: Matt McClellan

Lost in the lust and pull of the desires of my eyes,
It starts a fire in my skin and burns its way into my heart.
This sin tore us apart and now it's too late to go back
Cause I lost track of all the love that I said we shared,
But it's like smoke and mirrors.
I don't know my heart, I don't know my plans.
Everything has fallen apart.
God, save this wretched man.

I have fallen apart and I can't free myself, I can't let go.
I have fallen apart and I can't free myself; who will save me now?

There must be something wrong with me.
Every time I try it's like I'm digging my own grave.
It's like there's poison in my veins.
Every time I think I'm getting closer to breakthrough I make the same mistakes.

I've been chasing the wind, I've been playing god.
Replaced these gifts with efforts.
How did I end up like this?
I used to be passionate.
I used to have conviction flowing through my veins.
I used to be in love with you.
God, you must be so disappointed in me.

My knuckles are calloused and stained with your blood,
God, save this wretched man.
I must have worn out your patience by now.
This has become my hell.
I swear to God that something's wrong with me
Cause I can't breathe; feels like I'm suffocating.
I know it's not just the snake around my neck
But these hands that pushed the nails into your flesh.
God, these hands have pulled the apple from the tree
And I've been striving for atonement but it's just out of reach.
This whole time I thought I was living in your name.
Hands to the plow? I was digging my own grave.
I've been trying, I've been trying to somehow earn your grace.
I've been lying, I've been lying; wearing masks to hide my face.
I've been thinking to myself, "Does this cycle ever end?"
I've been falling short and burning out; your patience must be thin.
Have I worn out your patience yet?
Have I worn out your patience yet?
Have I worn out your patience yet?
Have I worn out your patience yet?


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