Endless Cycle
Lyrics Mouth Of The South

Written by: Josiah Lyle, Tanner Allen, Mike Butler, Colton Bartholet, Garrett Metzger

Produced by: Matt McClellan

You can gouge out my eyes,
But I've already seen enough to last a lifetime.
You can cut off my hands,
But I'm a thief at heart and I know I'll steal again.
No more innuendos, no more hiding my face.
The truth is that I keep looking at your daughters the wrong way.

Sever my flesh from me.

I can't stop tossing and turning,
Reliving these regrets that I can't seem to forget.
Wipe the slate clean; I want to be set free.
I believed a lie; this is not me.
My fantasies are built on things I was never meant to see.
I've turned into the man I was never meant to be.
God knows I tried but the devil whispered lies and I believed; I believed.

(This is not me)
I believed a lie, I believed a lie.
My flesh knows the way back to her door
And no matter how strong my heart is
I keep going back for more, going back for more.
I believed a lie.

Replace these lies with the truth, I want to see the right way.
Replace these lies with the truth, I am not my mistakes.
I am not my mistakes.


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