Blind Guides
Lyrics Mouth Of The South

Written by: Josiah Lyle, Tanner Allen, Mike Butler, Colton Bartholet, Garrett Metzger

Produced by: Matt McClellan

Truth is an unshakable doctrine,
One undefiled from the world and its corruption.
You may not believe like me but one day every eye will see
That God is not dead nor does he sleep.

Check the facts and purge the lies, there is truth out there to find.
We're all just digging graves when we trust the words of blind guides.

You've made your own religion with yourself as your god.
We've forgotten the truth and forged it into a lie.
We've forgotten about God.
Did you hang the stars in the sky?
Can you add a single day to your life?
Was it your hands that formed this place?
And did your words separate the night from the day?

I know that truth is not based on just what we see,
There is more to all of this.
I know that truth is not based on just what we see
And I'm not afraid to say what I need to say.
There is more to all of this.

There is no excuse or reason to believe all these lies.
Check the facts; seek the truth and open up your eyes.
I'm not brainwashed and I don't believe everything that I see.
We're saturated with lies, ignorance and blasphemy.
You have every right to believe what you choose
But there is one God, there is one way, there is only one truth.
There is one God; there is one way; there is one truth.
I'm not shoving it down your throat but I'd take a bullet if it means this gets to you.

Blind guides, throw off your scales and open up your eyes.
Blind guides, come back home the door is open wide.


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