Video Game
Lyrics Michelle Shaprow

He took the wrong direction
Under the purple pink sky
Just like a video set
He's just a video guy

My brother needs protection
He says he's ready to feel
But something doesn't seem right
Something doesn't seem real

Like a video game [x8]

I'm on my way to find him now
Through a fortress of flames
He's sayin' all the right words
And dropin' all the right names

I really need to reach him now
Make him understand
It's just a video show
In a video land

Like a video game [x8]

He's passed through all the levels here
A-drawn water from stone
Not every member he needs
On his cellular phone

He takes me to the mirror now
But oh what do you see
It's just a video girl
It's just a video me

Like a video game [x4]


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