My Grandfather
Lyrics Lior

When I was born, my grandfather held me in his warm hands
And it seems though his eyes are teary
But it's hard to tell from the old photograph
While my brother and sister danced at the feet
Of his tired and weathered frame
He said, there's a light to this boy I've rarely seen
And there he gave me my name

Well my grandfather was a sniper in the Red Army
He never knew any brothers in arms
For on both sides stood enemy
With a cold unbroken will to survive
His steady hand took aim
And he drank just enough to keep himself warm
For he never spoke his true name

When I was a boy, the summers were ours
He would take me down to the sea
He'd stand on the water's edge and watch me go crazy
As the gentle waves rolled in
Looking back I wonder how he must have felt
Watching me running so free
All the years in his life he wished he could forget
Did he look at the world through me?

When I was a man I flew across the ocean
When I heard he needed care
I listened as he spoke of his turbulent life
From his ordinary chair
And he ended by saying, "Oh, I've had enough.
The time's come for me to go.
I have only one wish that is left in me
To be taken peacefully."

Just before I was due to marry
I heard he could not walk anymore
It was then he gave up fight, I had said goodbye
Almost one year before
And I'll never forget something he told me
"Yes it's a cruel world, but you must live without fear"
Well I sure do miss my grandfather
He's the reason why I'm here


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