The Wolf Is Free
Lyrics Lily & Madeleine

Written by: Lily Jurkiewicz, Madeleine Jurkiewicz, Kenny Childers

Produced by: Paul Mahern

Some crippling dream
I know whose fault it is, I know it isn't me
The wolf is free
I wanna chase him down and drown him in the sea

The innocents flock like sheep
Their efforts all in vain, the wolf is back again
I hope he comes for me
I'm not out running him, and I'm not gonna scream

I'm gonna follow him
I know his name
I know his name

The wolf is free
His eyes are narrowing, it is a scary thing
And some fears run deep
There is a change in him, there is a change in me

I'll put you to sleep, my fingers through your hair
Into your skin they'll be
Ten fingernails deep, and I won't let you go
You will not bury me