On Ilkley Moor Baht'at
Lyrics Lesley Garrett

Wheear 'as ta bin sin ah saw thee,
On Ilkley Moor baht 'at?!
Wheear 'as ta bin sin ah saw thee?
Wheear 'as ta bin sin ah saw thee?
On Ilkley Moor baht 'at?!
(Where have you been since I saw you last? On Ilkley Moor without a hat)

Tha's been a courtin' Mary Jane
(You have been going out with Mary Jane)
Tha's going catch tha death o'cowd
(You're going to catch a cold that'll be the death of you)
Then we shall 'av to bury thee
(Then we shall have to bury you)
Then t'worms 'll cum an eat thee oop
(Then the worms will come an eat your body)
Then t'ducks 'll cum and eat oop t'worms
(Then ducks will eat all the worms)

Then we shall go an' eat oop ducks
(Then we will all eat the ducks)
Then we shall all 'av etten thee
(Therefore we will have eaten you!)
That's wheer we get us oahn back
(So we get our own back!)
On Ilkley Moor baht 'at?!


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