I Will Love Again
Lyrics Lara Fabian

Did I ever tell you how you live in me
Every waking moment, even in my dreams
And if all this talk is crazy
And you don't know what I mean
Does it really matter
Just as long as I believe

I will love again
Though my heart is breaking, I will
love again
Stronger than before
I will love again
Even if it takes a lifetime to get over you
Heaven only knows, I will love again

People never tell you
The way they truly feel
I would die for you gladly
If I knew it was for real
So if all this talk sounds crazy
And the words don't come out right
Does it really matter
If it gets me through this night


If I'm true to myself, nobody else can take the place of you
But I've got to move on, tell me what else can I do


I will love again
One day I know, I will love again
You can't stop me from loving again, breathing again
Feeling again
I know, one day, I'll love again

Song facts

"I Will Love Again" is a single released by Belgian-Italian singer Lara Fabian.

The Dance-pop song was her first English single. It reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play in 2000 and peaked #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #10 Adult Contemporary.

'I Will Love Again' was produced by the hitmaking team Mark Taylor and Paul Barry who were responsible for Cher's Believe. The song has been covered by Kelly Llorenna and most recently by Baracuda in 2008. The Countess also covered the song in 2009.


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