Crazy One More Time
Lyrics Kip Moore

Written by: Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, Kip Moore

Produced by: Brett James

Come out Mary Jane, I'm looking through your window pane
I heard the word, you're back in town
I've got some cheap cigarettes, your favorite beer, girl wear the dress
I always dream about, oh.

We'll chase the moon, ride the stars, find the muscle in this car
I know it's still got something left
Yeah, come on out, take my hand, feel my heart, girl understand
I got a thunder pounding in my chest

Hey I, can't see you as nothing but mine
And girl tonight, let's go crazy one more time

We'll park the car, climb on the hood, turn it up when something good
Starts playing through these rusted doors
And in the sticky sweet air tonight, I'll kiss you girl, til I get it right
Cause I know that'll lead to more

The weeds have all grown around where I'll gently lay you down
And I'll try to tell you how I feel
But you'll place your finger on my mouth, whisper "baby no, not now"
The night is young and we've still got time to steal

Hey I, can't see you as nothing but mine
And girl tonight, let's go crazy one more time

With the engine burning through my jeans, I'll watch you fall fast asleep
And this small town sky fade from black to blue
And I'll wipe a tear from my eye but you'll never know cause baby, I'll
Smile as I wave goodbye to you

Hey I, can't see you as nothing but mine
And girl tonight, let's go crazy one more time

I guess I'll always have this longing in my heart
And you'll have a piece of me
But tonight there's a fire to start in our red burning hearts
And you're all that I'll ever need, yeah.

Song facts

"'Crazy One More Time' is a special song for me. I'd had that guitar riff for a long, long time. The music always felt very special to me; it felt happy, sad and emotional. The music in that song is the most dynamic for me on the entire album and has the most feelings in one song for me. I can get really happy listening to it. It has this melodic thing that makes you feel good, yet it tugs at your heart at the same time.

I am not married and nowhere close to it, but even for those who marry, there are those memories of that one person. I had known somebody in college and we had always had a thing for each other. I went years without seeing her and then the second we saw each other again, we didn't miss a beat. We were right back in that place, that moment. It might always be that way, even if you have moved on and are with somebody else. Sometimes there's a certain special connection you have with people. I don't think it ever dies, when it's a real thing. Sometimes souls are intertwined. It doesn't mean that you are meant to be together, but I don't think it ever dies." - Kip Moore


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