So Wild
Lyrics King Khan & The Shrines

Written by: A.A. Khan

Produced by: Jochen Stroh, Simon Wojan

I drink to your memory
And how we took the world by storm
Laughing at all them tragedies
That made us who we are today
That got us go so far far away
That made us wanna go so wild

You and I, we lived dangerous
Being ourselves was never enough
Through thick and thin, this war within
Day and night lose all of its charm
What once was right has turned upside down
So sick and tired of hanging around

So wild, so wild, so wild...

Rest in peace, my chosen one
Haunt the dreams of young and old
I'll preach the words of fools and kings
Hold my breath and count till 3
Which one will I choose to be
Which one will set me free

So wild, so wild, so wild...


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