Pole Shift
Lyrics Killing Joke

It doesn't really matter if the south turns north
Or the stars above stop in their course
If ten thousand coastal cities are taken by the wave, or not
The outcomes are still the same (for all of us now!)
Riddles in stone - great cycles of time
Forgotten, ignored - the ancient paradigm
A polarization of values happening
Opposing camps define themselves and pull apart

Night turns to day, darkness to light
A doorway opens to quantum sight
A world age shift, a converging sun
A field energy reversal has begun
Suddenly it hit! - Pole shift

Now the pendulum has swung the other way
Pulling us out of our ingrained habits
The death of the old world
Slashing open the womb that held us all
So comfortably for so long
Calling on all of us to restore the biosphere
Towards a partnership of co-creation
In a relationship of resonance
Hand in hand we march into the unknown

Where the taboos of today are tomorrow's delights
Our values - inverted (so wrong it's right!)
Sex morality imposition - all swept away
In one great orgasm - by the light of day
Suddenly it hit! - Pole shift

Communion with the stars - decode our DNA
Marvel at the mysteries of quantum immortality
Children of Elias - come!
Into a fifth world and a sixth sun
Yes, into a fifth world and a sixth sun
Suddenly it hit! - Pole shift