I Am (Interlude)
Lyrics Kendrick Lamar

See y'all don't understand me
My plan B is to win your hearts before I win a Grammy
Kendrick Lamar
Words like a sword in the hands of a Spartan marchin' on
Rosecrans in Compton
You can't cause conflict or corrupt my spirit
I'm on point like period, I been there and gone before you get near it
Oh wee, that boy remind me of a young Martin Luther
The way he peace up troopers and round up shooters
Like Malcom X did, I stand for what I believe in
Family, God and honor,
From Chicago my daddy and my mama
Came to Compton to accomplish one thing
Raise a king, reign supreme, named Kendrick
I ain't lying, it stand for king and I am one
My unborn son and grandson will live royal
From the coocie to the soil
The meek shall inherit the earth
Well I had this world since birth, feel the good kids' hunger
The Crips made strong, the Pirus made stronger
Muscle in my heart
Stare into the eyes of Mozart and tell 'em I'm the genius,
Do my Dougie and grab my penis,
Cause I means this, with all my soul,
And you can't control, greatness unless you hatin',
With the heart of Satan, and even that can't stop it,
N*gga get out my wallet, and put passion in your logic,
Passion in your life, the Passion of my Christ is in me,
And if you say it ain't you may offend me,
Damn that boy good,
Bright as Thomas Edison but Gucci Mane hood.
He stood alone for so long, prolong his own career
But now he's here you can see shots and cheer cuz I... am